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These patented windsocks are avaialbe in Snow goose, Blue goose, Juvy snow goose, Canada goose, Specks, Cranes, and Mallards.


They have full body appearance with motion like a windsock with the portability of a silhouette.
  • Wind is not required for full body appearance due to the patented support system.
  • With wind they waddle with a subtle head motion that simulates feeding geese.
  • Now available in Headless, Sentry, and oversize versions.
Compare SilloSocks to other windsock decoys. Sillosocks head and body are permanently attached eliminating lost heads. Unique hooked stake system is virtually invisible and since the head and body move together the windsock can t tangle around the stake. They are the most portable compact full body appearing decoy on the market.
The standard decoy measures 25 inches long and stand 18 inches high. 100% waterproof and weigh 1 lb per dozen. Very fast set up and take down.
Our patented Tyvek® SilloSocks backbone design enables the Tyvek® to hold its shape with no wind. With wind the decoy comes alive and are a welcome addition to any spread. Sillosocks have proven to be deadly on all waterfowl.  Use them alone or mix them in with your existing full body spread.
2 people can easily carry 300-400 decoys into fields you could not hunt otherwise. Sillosocks are a great way to add motion and numbers to any full body decoy spread.

New! Economy Sillosocks.
The heads and bodies are unprinted, They come unassembled to make them easier to customize. They are made of the exact same materials as the printed sillosocks. Just paint them up to you liking, assemble, and they are ready to hunt.
This is one of the most deadly decoys on the market! We have developed a flapping wing decoy that replicates the wing movement of a landing bird.  See the clips of them in action in the video section. We have used them alone on a short pole or on a rotary decoy machine.

Single decoys are available to see upclose and they make great yard ornaments.
Place your order online or call (307) 265-2323 or (307) 333-4810.  Thanks,  Jim

All International orders need to be placed on our other web page(click link below)

For warranty issues please call 402-651-0947

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