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This spring we ran about 200 test Sillosocks in our spread.(you may not always see them but they are there!) To say the least, I was impressed. I really liked how they performed in winds ranging from 0-50 mph. I love the way they bounce on the spring steel stakes and hold thier shape in zero wind. The decoys movement is unique. The real advantage is you get a windsock with a head that compacts down to nothing. They are extremely lightweight and functionable. As time goes on, be assured that there will be a lot more Sillosock footage in our videos. I plan on adding at least 500 to my personal spread for next fall. Jim Jones -
I will send you some pictures when my buddy sends them to me. Yours decoys seem to be amazingly durable I had them out for 4 days and two of the days the wind was over 40 MPH I had some of the north winds tear out but all the Sillosocks held and maybe only one bag ripped. Pretty amazing if you ask me for how light they are. You know what would be really cool for the blues juvies and mallards if you could have the bodies screen printed with feathers. That process may be cheaper than you think and make the decoys look awesome.

Jim: When you get those improvements made I think you may have the best “decoy product on the market”

The Factors :
  • Weight SislloSocks Great
  • Transportability SilloSocks Great
  • Price SilloSocks Great
  • Storage SilloSocks Great
  • Effectiveness in Wind or no wind
  • SilloSocks Great Durability SilloSocks (so far) Great
  • What other decoy can do all that.
Just wanted to leave you a note Jim, we love the decoys we received from you. We are having our most successful snow goose season to date. We attribute much of our success this year to your decoys. Thanks again.
...just wanted to let you know that I set the dozen sillosocks that I purchased out amongst my custom northwinds on a recent snow goose hunt and they performed beautifully. As you a 20mph wind...they actually drilled themselves deeper. What I liked about them most...was that the body didn t flag as tyvek can in gusting wind...your body/head moved naturally together in one piece. There was a slight sheen to the material in bright mid day sun but I don t think it was harmful. If a duller material comes available I would certainly employ it. Tell your buyers that if they are hunting a cornfield when the ground is frozen...not to worry. Your spring steel stakes slip into the cornstalk with ease.

I will certainly purchase more from you when my custom northwind rig wears out. May be interested in having some shipped to ND or SK for a late spring snow goose I would be flying rather than driving. Do you need some hunting footage on video of this product in action or do you have some quality hunts with birds being shot over them. Let me know
We set up with wind 15-20 mph gusting to 30 mph. We chased Texas rags and outlaws all day. I have to say I am very impressed with SilloSocks I did not have to touch one of them. Are replacement bags available because I shot a snow and it landed directly on a SilloSock I need a new bag? YES
There was myself and a buddy of mine the 8 dozen Sillosocks and 5 dozen Last Looks. There are 12 birds in front of us, all in your face shots, had them on the ground before 8 am !!!!! I (on the left) am holding a Sillosock that got crunched by a falling juvy blue!!! My buddy (on the right) shot his first banded juvy snow on this hunt!!! He is convinced you have a GREAT product and so am I!!! We also shot 6 on Friday afternoon and another 12 on Sunday (but no photos!!!). Thought you would like to see the results!!!

Thanks a million Jim, you know I want a lot more Sillosocks for next year!!!
Went hunting south of Bay City Tuesday, took my two grandsons on their first goose hunt along with their dad. Set up Texas windsocks, Outlaw sil., and Sillosocks. The wind was about 5 to 10 at daylight but by 8 am it was a steady 15 to 20 gusting to 30 at times. Jim I have been doing this since 1967 and I have to say I am very impressed with your decoy. I chased rags, actually my grandsons did, set Outlaws up that kept blowing over, but didn t have to touch one of yours, except for one that a Texas rag uprooted and blew across the spread at about Mach 2. I love the movement but the biggest thing is they don t pop in high wind. I sure you know this but I can t tell you how many times I have had snows locked up on the rags only to have them flare at about 50yds. out in high wind conditions. That is the only thing I can attribute the flaring to since on light wind they will usually pass through the center of the spread maybe not in range but at least go on through. The only thing is carrying them to the lease in the truck, they seem vulnerble, especially if there are more of them in the bed of the truck. I will come up with something though, this was the maiden voyage.
A South Dakota Guide wrote:

We performed our first field test of the decoys and here are the results: I already made arrangements to get rid of most of my windsocks so the question I have for you is what kind of deal can we do for another 500. I have a big group coming from Indiana and would like two spreads of Sillosocks if possible. That is how good the testing went.

We had the Sillosocks out in close to 40 MPH this weekend, all I can say is holy crap, they looked awesome. At one point, I caught myself just staring at them because they moved so good. With that extreme wind, the moved almost ninety degrees to the side and bobbed up and down. I can t wait for our big push of birds to see the real results. Sunday night the wind died completely and the wind socks looked sad, but the sillosocks looked great. They impress me more and more every time I see them. Everybody that I have showed have been extremely excited about these decoys Jim, I think you really have something. I was also going to tell you that there is a sporting goods chain called Scheels that have plenty of stores in the midwest that I have some pretty good connections at. For next year, I think you better prepare yourself for these decoys to take the snow goose market by storm. Let me know on the decoys as soon as you can- you can call me anytime. I really appreciate you going out of your way for us and hope we can return the favor. Talk to you later.
...My next step is remember the other day when I was asking for the first time about your dekes, well I had ordered 6 more dozen Outlaws. Well now I want yours------instead. The wife has cut off the money for dekes since I spent $240. with you and $360. with the other company, boy did I screw up. So I am going to try and return the Outlaws, since I only opened one box, and then turn around and get some more of yours for late season. I sure hope they will let me do this----we ll see. Thanks, sorry I was so long winded but I was truly impressed.
... just getting back to you on the snow goose hunting, We had a couple of hundred thousand geese filter through here in the last week. Hunted about six days and killed 31 geese,all over decoys and reasonable shots. The decoys worked nice and helped alot. I also had a lot nice comments on them from other hunters that came along. Most of the geese have moved on north, but am still getting taildraging bunches that work good. We got three this morning and left at 8.30. Will get about another week of slow hunting(but its still hunting) . Be on the look out they are heading your way (if they aren t all ready there) Will be sending you a picture this week, hope you get to hunt them! DG.
I love the movement but the biggest thing is they don t pop in high wind like rag decoys.
...Awesome! I wouldn t change a thing on them, the realism is really great!! My partner from the Greene co Ia hunt e-mailed me last week and said he had hunted the same area we hunted( only with Texas rags!) and said the birds wouldn t finish!! He wondered out loud in the e-mail wonder if I would have had your Sillosocks ??? Isn t that awesome!.
...My next step is remember the other day when I was asking for the first time about your dekes, well I had ordered 6 more dozen Outlaws. Well now I want yours------instead. The wife has cut off the money for dekes since I spent $240. with you and $360. with the other company, boy did I screw up. So I am going to try and return the Outlaws, since I only opened one box, and then turn around and get some more of yours for late season. I sure hope they will let me do this----we ll see. Thanks, sorry I was so long winded but I was truly impressed.
Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone thats thinking about picking up some Sillosocks. Most of my hunting was done over a shallow marsh and most nights it would freeze each night. Earlier in the spring even the bottom of the marsh was frozen. The Sillosocks were the ONLY decoy we could deploy. We litterally had to push the stakes into pure ice. If it wasnt for the small diameter steel stakes our hunts would be a bust and clients that traveled a long ways to hunt would be really upset. I used the Sillosocks from early Febuary and I shot my last goose April 7th and probably put 45 total days on these dekes. Through 45mph winds, blizzards, ice, name it. Not ONE ripped out bag or broken head. I just looked through the tubs that I stored 500 Sillosocks for the Summer and did not have ONE rust stain on the Tyvek. Setup and take down time was FAST, I bet it took no more than 30 minutes for 2 guys to put out or take down 500 Sillosocks every day. As a guide fast setup and take down is priceless after a full days hunt...much needed extra sleep and if you cant make it before the one restaraunt in town closes, you starve. Best of all, they produce birds day after day no matter what the conditions are...dead calm...NO PROBLEM!! I would put them against ANY decoy, Fullbodied or not, on how they produce. I got reports from many hunters at the hotel everynight. Through those reports alone, the Sillosocks were outproducing every spread in the area 10 to 1 at times. Thanks again for a product that I feel revolutionized the way people decoy Snow geese. Josh Kern Big Island Waterfowl
Jim i just wanted you to see how the Northwest Outfitters In Mound City Missouri do it in the spring!!! We had out our 105 dozen sillosocks and knocked the snot out of em. We will have another big order for you this summer. Thanks, hope this picture makes it to your website, sincerely Jeremy Lewis, guide for Northwest Outfitters.
We have shot around thirty Whitefront s and 11 Snows this year. Doesn t sound like many, but for two guys that have never had that kind of luck on either, I am impressed. You were right Jim, I won t be sending back the Canada decoys. We are the only one s in this area that are killing geese consistently. It is really wet here finally, and the access to the fields is a real issue for the boys and their big spreads of full-bodies. I am not convinced that the geese are fooled any more by the big spreads of full bodies and 10 guys in layouts. I have modified my layouts to really low profile them. I am hunting in corn stubble that is non-existent in height. The cows really destroyed it, but there is a lot of grain underneath. The geese have really figured out how to avoid the spreads with the blocky-looking blinds. I am using the small spread now with my low-profile blind off to the side of the decoys. Jim, I had over 1200 Canada s in the decoys yesterday morning at once. I had to hold off on shooting due to the problem of getting too many. I have on numerous occasions had Specks land in them. Yesterday, a dozen Snows came in and were 10 feet above them, before I shot. Did not circle once
From:Shawn Bowen I wanted to send a note to you folks regarding the ghillie blankets. We have four on hand and have had a couple of years to field test them. I can only say good job! We have used these in all types of fields and conditions. By far the most versatile method of camouflage I have found. I am seriously thinking about selling all my layout blinds and just go Ghillie. This last part of our Canada season I used them to cover a couple of customers in a cut bean field, flat as a board and nothing to help hide us, I had them laying out and covered in Ghillies and we put birds in the decoys at 10 yards without a clue we were there. The last hunt of the seaso! n we built a wooden A frame and draped the Ghilies around it and one over the top and limited 5 hunters in short order, the most remarkable part was we had birds landing 5 in front of this blind. My experience is these are extremely Durable, blends into any type of field or cover and saves a ton of space. Yes we will be adding more for next season.
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