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Backpack Ghillie Blind - (SS1494) Price: $124.95
3-D Ghillie Blind - Perfect for hunting Snows, Canadas, and Ducks! We have been testing these for years with great success! SILLOSOCKS Ghillie Layout Blind comes in our new Prairie Hide Camo. This camo blends beautifully in corn, wheat, barley, and dead grass situations. For darker fields, mud up the backside of the blanket or we have Dirt/Pea ghille blankets(not included) This blind features an adjustable height (0-16 ) padded backboard. It comes with a water resistant ghillie blanket, a ghillie skirt for the backboard, and a waterproof bottom. The whole blind folds up into a compact lightweight backpack. It also comes with a rubber coated steel gunrest. It is the lowest profile blind ever made. New Features: -Faster Setup time: 30 seconds. -Longer Blanket (8 x4 ) -Built in Blanket Mesh Facemask
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SILLOSOCKS SS9032 Ghili Blanket Price: $59.99
SILLOSOCKS Ghilli Blanket Specially developed by Team SILLOSOCKS to be durable, functional, and efficient! This is one of the best “Ghillie Products” out there.Heavy duty Cordura like material printed in our increasingly popular “Prairie Hide” Camo pattern Completely covered with Thousands of Ghillie fingers! Mesh window for covering your face. 4X7 in size it works perfect for covering hunters, dogs, extra decoys, birds, or anything that stands out!!!
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Ghillie Strips SS1500 corn/wheat Price: $29.99
New from SILLOSOCKS!Concealment is major for any serious hunter! These 6 foot long strips work great to
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SILLOSOCKS Air Bladder Layout Blind Price: $149.99
SS Air Bladder Layout Blind Air Bladder Layout Blind by SILLOSOCKS Decoys. This new blind is very comfortable and made for BIG GUYS!
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