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SS7772 Pigeon Feeder Decoys Price: $64.99
This package includes 12 pigeon feeders.
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SS Pigeon Harvester Pack (1dz.) Price: $64.99
This package includes 8 Feeders and 4 Sentry pigeon Sillosocks. The heads and neck area is flocked.
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SS7773 Pigeon Sentry/Upright Decoys Price: $64.99
This package includes 12 Sentry type pigeon Sillosocks.
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SS7771 Pigeon Flapping Flyer Decoy (Hypa-Flap) Price: $29.99
Pigeon Flapper Flyer Decoys (aka Hypa-Flap Flyer) by Sillosocks Decoys Designed for the pigeon hunter, these new FLYER decoys really work. They provide realistic Flying and Flapping movement which is the key. They are lightweight and very compact. You can easy carry them in your suitcase if you travel by plane to hunt pigeons in Europe or South America. They reflect very positive Ultra-violet rays very similar to real feathers. The heads and necks are flocked. The WINGS have beautiful artwork and print job. Pigeon flying flapping decoys work great on poles, rotary machines, and Bouncers. They come assembled. All you have to do mount them on a 1/4
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