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Son of Stalker Price: $119.95
This 12 volt machine flys 2 Sillosocks Flyers horizontally from side to side!
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Hammer Flyer Machine Price: $169.00
The Hammer by Sillosocks Decoys This new remote controlled device will raise a Sillosocks Flyer from the ground up to 13 feet high in the air! The transmitter has up and down arrows. When you let off the button the piston driven arm stops! This allows you to remotely land a flyer at the appropriate time when birds are approaching.
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Sidewinder Flying Machine Price: $129.95
SIDEWINDER FLYER MACHINE BY SILLOSOCKS DECOYS NEW for this year! The Sidewinder machine will give your Sillosocks flyers a new look. This 12 volt machine moves 2 Sillosocks flyers horizontally. It looks like geese jostling for position right before they touch down. They also do this when the are feeding as they jump over the top of each other looking for food.
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Air Bladder Layout Blind Price: $149.95
Air Bladder Layout Blind by Sillosocks DecoysThis new
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