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Canada Goose SLEEPER Windsock Decoys Price: $84.95
Normally $110/dz. Special Introductory Price! These NEW Canada Goose Sleeper Windsock Decoys (SS1081SLPR) by Sillosock Decoys come with flocked head and chest for a realistic non glare finish. The new prints have the best feather detail on the market. The sheen level is dead flat. Use the NEW Sleepers on ponds, pastures, and feed fields to give your rig a new look. These decoys work on canada geese! These NEW Canada Sleeper Goose Decoys (SS1081SLPR) by Sillosock Decoys are Lightweight, compact, mobile decoys. There is no comparison to heavy expensive shells. Leave your gas guzzling trailers at home. Sold per 1dz.
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FlockSox Canada Goose Windsock Decoys (SS1432FS) 1 dz Price: $149.95
FLOCKSOX CANADA GOOSE WINDSOCK DECOYS BY SILLOSOCK DECOYSNEW FOR THIS YEAR!These new Patented FlockSox Canada Goose Decoys are a hybrid windsock/Full Body decoy! They come with Flocked Full Body heads and Full Body chests. The new velvety windsock body has ultra realistic printing and has the look of a Fully Flocked decoy, yet is super tough! This is a new material that has never been seen in the windsock world. It holds its shape much better than tyvek and is super tough. The windsock is held up with a unique patented support system thats folds for storage. These decoys look great in
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Sleeper Snow Goose Windsock Decoys (SS1012SS) Price: $46.95
***CLOSE-OUT SALE***We have a new version with sewn in 3D heads. These Sleeper Snow windsock decoys are a very effective decoy.
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