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Goose Buster Guide Service - Hoot Gibson -

61 Eldridge Road
Almyra, AR 72003  

(870)672-1235 or (731)336-2811


Logo  (click the name above to go to website)

The goal of Specklebelly Lodge LLC is to offer a limited number of hunting packages to a limited number of hunters. The lodge will not be a day hunting operation that is a number driven commercial camp.


The small camp is located on one of our farms. Watch the birds fly over the blind while the grill sears some flying ribeyes (specklebelly breasts) from the screened in porch. The arrangements are bunkhouse style.

The big camp is located about twenty minutes from the big farm. It is a hundred year old renovated fish camp. It has four bedrooms and four baths. It is a short walk from the crab dock. Go buy a box of crabs and boil them back at the camp.

11424 Highway 14 Lot A

Lake Arthur, LA 70549


Phone: ( 251 ) 978 – 2121

Missouri - 

In your Face Guide Service - Shawn Bowen- 

There is nothing like seeing that white spiral of snows dropping down to get In Your Face. I am outfitted to hunt all species of waterfowl. We hunt on private land over a three county area in West Central Missouri. I want to guide you on your next waterfowl experience here in Missouri.

The following directions will give you and idea of the area I operate. It is located north of Nevada along I-71. We are approx 90 miles south of Kansas City, Missouri. Some named areas to look for are Nevada, Butler, Horton, and Authur. If you see them, you are in the right area.

Cell: 573-586-9808-Email: 



Mike Ladnier

Duck Creek Outfitters - Sykes Mitchell - 541-771-4976 E-mail -

High Prairie Outfitters - Dave Ciani - 605-321-1142 E-mail -   Website:

MaddHatters Guides and Outfitting - Steve Clements (709) 728-9662  E-mail -  Website:

Prairie Rose Outfitters - Craig Rath - 306-227-2822 E-mail -



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